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This section offers detailed information about sourcing policies and practices covering key areas of sustainability, from environmental concerns to the treatment of workers. You can also read our Costco Connection sustainability stories. A “Packaging FAQ” provides information on our sustainable packaging efforts.

Sourcing Policies & Practices

At Costco, we have instituted a number of policies for sustainable sourcing in these areas:

Costco Connection Sustainability Stories

Click here for recent stories on sustainability in our magazine, the Costco Connection.

Packaging FAQs

We receive many letters and inquiries from our members, who have great questions about packaging. For more information, please review our Packaging FAQ Sheet.

Sustainability Commitment Consolidated Version

Click the link below for a consolidated version of this current Sustainability Commitment:

Sustainability Commitment Archives

We provide historical versions of the Commitment here only as a matter of convenience to users, who may wish to compare them over time. These historical Commitments are superseded in their entirety by the current version of the Commitment and should not be relied upon as currently accurate disclosures or otherwise.