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Health & Personal Care

Winter 2023
Healthy Living Guide
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Stay Safe & Healthy!

Protect yourself and the ones you love with crucial first aid items from Costco, including face masks, face shields, hand sanitizer, and infrared thermometers. And if you need to check vital signs, we have digital blood pressure monitors and pulse oximeters. Be prepared for accidents and emergencies with first aid kits for both your home and car, and if there is an injury, ensure that you have heating pads, individual heat wraps, and ice packs on-hand. In today’s world, we’re all concerned about staying healthy, that’s why Costco now offers easy to use Covid-19 tests that can be self-administered at home. These premium PCR test kits from Azova are considered to be the most accurate Covid-19 tests available to the public.

Stock Up on Essential Medicines for the Whole Family

Whether you suffer from year-round allergies or just the occasional allergic reaction, Costco has all the allergy & sinus medicines you need to alleviate sneezing, runny nose, or red itchy eyes. Choose from leading brands like Zyrtec, Allegra, Claritin, and Sudafed. We also carry popular nasal sprays like Flonase and Afrin, and soothing antihistamine eye drops.

Be ready for a cold or flu, by stocking up on essential pain & fever medicine for the entire family. Costco carries a full line of ibuprofen, acetaminophen, and aspirin from popular brands like Tylenol, Advil, Aleve, and Excedrin. And if your household has little ones, you can safely reduce fever and discomfort with Children’s Motrin or Children’s Tylenol. Costco also offers a wide range of cough, cold & flu medicines to handle multiple symptoms, from headaches and nasal congestion to body aches and sore throats. You’ll find the best cough medicines and flu medications, including Theraflu, Tylenol Cold & Flu, and Children’s Dimetapp.

If you’re looking for digestive relief, browse our selection of antacids & heartburn medication, which has products like Tums and Pepcid to ease stomach upset and painful heartburn. And to keep your digestive system well-balanced, we carry laxatives and fiber supplements. When it comes to topical remedies, we have products to handle everything from joint pain to diaper rash. For specialty health care items, Costco offers melatonin to improve sleep, gum and patches to help you quit smoking, and minoxidil to encourage hair regrowth. And for eye care, we carry several products to help keep your eyes hydrated and healthy, from lubricating eye drops to multi-purpose contact lens solution.

Improve Your Health with Vitamins & Dietary Supplements

Shop our large inventory of letter & multivitamins for adults, as well as calcium and minerals, probiotics for digestive health, and premium hair and nail supplements like biotin. We also have yummy multivitamins for kids in chewable and gummy form. And for pregnant women, we have nutrient-rich prenatal vitamins with folic acid. If you’re concerned about preventing illness and viral infections, Costco has vitamins and supplements that will provide vital immune system support. Choose from Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, flavorful Airborne® gummies, and Emergen-C® drink packets that will boost your immune system with antioxidants and electrolytes.

Support your overall health with dietary supplements and herbal health supplements that can help improve your memory and alleviate chronic health issues. We have iron, fiber, and collagen supplements, as well as testosterone support. If you’d like to lose weight, try our natural weight loss supplements with green tea or tonalin. And if you’re looking for an easy way to add vital nutrients to your diet, try some of our nutritional shakes & powders for both adults and children. Choose from top brands like Ensure, Premiere Protein, Glucerna, and Muscle Milk. For seniors, we offer Vitamin B12 to support brain function, CoQ 10 and omega 3 fish oil for heart health, and calcium and magnesium for strong bones and teeth. And you’ll enjoy easier mobility and flexibility with glucosamine & joint supplements that lubricate and cushion your joints.

Find Your Favorite Personal Care Products

Shop Costco for all the everyday personal care products you rely on to look and feel good. Maintain good dental hygiene with Sensodyne toothpaste, Waterpiks, and electric toothbrushes form Oral-B and Philips Sonicare. Stay clean and moisturized with hand soaps, body wash and shower gels. Stock up on your favorite face moisturizers from Olay and Cetaphil. We also have plenty of shampoos and conditioners, deodorants, feminine hygiene products, and grooming items like Gillette disposable razors and electric shavers from Braun or Philips Norelco.

Relax and unwind with a quality massage chair that will help improve blood flow, while alleviating sore and tired muscles. At Costco, we have a great selection of massaging chairs that are loaded with advanced features like soothing heat therapy, calf kneading, foot rollers, and voice activated controls. And if you’d like to target a specific area of the body, we have foot massagers and shoulder massagers. Create an even more relaxing atmosphere with some pampering spa & aromatherapy items.

Stay safe while maintaining your independence with wheelchairs, walkers & medical alert devices from Costco. Our selection of walkers and walker/wheelchairs from Medline feature comfortable seating, accessible storage, and lightweight foldable designs. We also carry wearable Medic Alert devices from Medical Guardian with important features like 2-way communication, fall detection, and location technology.