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ATV & UTV Tires

There’s no denying it: ATVs are fun. Whether you’re cruising up mountain slopes or parting river waters from one bank to the other, good strong tires with superior traction are essential to a smooth and safe ride. Costco makes shopping for ATV tires easy by offering a wide selection of high-quality tires for every budget and adventure. Our tires have excellent puncture resistance and can handle a variety of terrains. We have a large variety of tread patterns to choose from, including the popular non-directional tread design and zig-zag centerline design.

At Costco, you can even shop for ATV tires based on your destination. You’ll find tires specifically designed for cross country and desert terrain, for mud and soft terrain, and for the street or hard-packed terrain. Looking to tow your ATV to your vacation destination, but worried about the condition of your trailer tires? Shop’s large selection of trailer tires for any size or tread. Whatever your speed and whatever your plans, Costco has the tires to fit your needs. Happy trails!