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Toys & Books

Colorful Baby Toys that Teach & Entertain

Costco has fun and colorful infant & toddler toys to keep your baby happy and entertained, while also helping them build valuable motor skills. We have preschool learning toys, STEM Toys and baby toys in all sorts of different shapes, sizes and textures, including bright yellow toy trucks, musical activity balls, fun stacking toys, and big multicolored building blocks. And we also have soft, cuddly plush toys too! Choose from small or jumbo-sized stuffed animals and plushies, including life size animals, popular cartoon characters, bears, unicorns and more!

Nurture Your Child's Imagination

Nurture your child’s imagination with pretend play toys from Costco! If your child loves to dress up, we have various costumes to choose from, including fireman, princess, fighter pilot, mermaid, astronaut and more! We also carry dress-up trunks filled with elaborate princess dresses and sparkly accessories. For children who love to do grown-up stuff, we have play kitchens with light-up burners, kids workbenches, and charming playhouses. And for kids who like toy cars, you’ll find vibrant race cars, construction vehicles and train sets. Costco offers dolls & action figures for all ages, including adorable baby dolls, American Girl dolls, and popular fashion dolls. Our doll accessories include baby strollers, bassinets, and clothing sets, as well as a variety of dollhouses. We also carry the latest action figures from your favorite movies, TV shows and comics.

Inspire Family Time & Creativity

Games provide a fun way for kids and families to spend time together, that’s why Costco offers board games & puzzles for all ages. Choose from the latest card games, as well as classics like Scrabble and Monopoly. Our kid’s puzzles are challenging and engaging, and depending on the size, could keep your child busy for days! For children who enjoy building sets & blocks, we carry magnetic sets, building blocks, and building kits to help your child create their own toy car or airplane. And our wide range of Lego sets includes all sorts of themes, from submarines and super heroes to Star Wars and dragons.

Keep your child busy and entertained, with Costco’s assortment of arts and crafts for kids. Choose from great art sets loaded with paints, pens, pencils and chalks in every color, as well as crayons and coloring books. We have great crafting kits filled with pipe cleaners, beads, stickers, buttons, glitter glue, and more! You'll also find other arts & crafts items like sand art, pottery, jewelry and sewing kits, and kid-sized easels and kid’s activity tables.

Find the Latest Electronic Toys for Kids

These days, kids electronics are more popular than ever, which is why Costco offers remote control drones, hovercrafts, and robots that are loaded with exciting features to keep your child entertained. We also carry adorable, interactive electronic pets, kid’s karaoke machines, and electronic tablets filled with games and learning programs. And for kids who like speed, we have a variety of powerful, remote control vehicles including monster trucks, buggies and stunt cars.

Encourage Outdoor Play & Activity

For outdoor play, we have lots of great toys like sand boxes, water tables, and lawn games that provide hours of amusement. Costco also carries pint-sized slides and basketball hoops, lawn mowers, and child-friendly gardening tools. For furniture, you’ll find weather-resistant picnic tables, colorful teepees and outdoor playhouse that are just their size! And for the more active little ones, we carry kid’s ride-on toys like scooters, tricycles, balance bikes and wagons.

Discover the Best Children’s Books

Shop Costco for an array of wonderful new kid’s books! We carry an abundance of popular books, from classic children's books to exciting new releases. For the little ones, we have beloved bedtime stories for children, as well as adorable preschool books that are both delightful and educational. Our activity books and coloring books for kids will help improve their memory and concentration. These fun kid’s books are filled with all sorts of crosswords, puzzles and games. You’ll also find educational books for all age levels, which will enhance vocabulary and critical thinking skills. And for the older kids, we have books for middle schoolers and young adults that cover everything from history and art to mystery and suspense.

Educate & Entertain with Toys from Costco Next

Nurture your child’s imagination and developmental skills with learning toys from Costco Next. This special online toy category allows Costco Members to receive an exclusive value on Children's Interactive products, by purchasing directly from the vendor. With Costco Next, you’ll have access to a larger variety of toys that both entertain and educate, including puzzles and games, interactive toys, and creative STEM toys. Browse Costco Next-The Learning Journey now, and find clever new toys your kids will love!