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Find Affordable Office Supplies for Work & Home

Costco’s inventory of basic office supplies includes rubber bands, paper clips, staplers, and scissors, as well as adhesives like glue sticks and Scotch tape. We have clipboards, label makers, laminators to help protect important photos and documents, and monthly wall calendars to keep you organized. If you’re looking for helpful tools for your next meeting, we’ve got dry erase boards and magnetic boards. When it comes to arts & crafts, Costco carries great back-to-school bundles, calligraphy sets, sketch pads, and professional artist sets filled with colorful pencils, paints, and brushes!

At Costco, we have all the writing supplies you need for business or school, all in convenient bulk quantities. We carry standard and mechanical pencils, black markers in several sizes, colorful highlighters, and scented washable markers for kids. Our inventory of pens includes gel rollerball pens and ballpoint pens in numerous colors. And to fix mistakes, we have erasers and corrective liquid. For paper supplies, we have card stock, photo and specialty paper, sticky notes and flags, and thermal rolls for cash registers. Costco also has colored paper in a rainbow of hues, as well as a large supply of copy paper and print paper from leading brands. We also carry notebooks & notepads, including legal pads, cashier journals, and popular wire notebooks.

Improve Efficiency with Office Electronics

We carry essential office electronics like desktop scanners that keep documents and photos safe and secure, label makers that allow you to personalize almost anything, and scientific calculators for school or the office. For business, Costco has advanced time clocks with fingerprint and facial recognition, the latest POS systems, cash registers, and neon business signs. You’ll also find large capacity shredders with great features like convenient pull-out bins, 30-minute run time, and engineering that’s powerful enough to shred CDs, DVDs, and credit cards.

Purchase Quality Mailing, Packaging & Shipping Supplies

Browse our mailing, packing & shipping supplies to find everything you need to fulfill your shipping needs. You’ll find bubble wrap, general-use packaging tape, shipping boxes in several sizes, and commercial-grade duct tape for extra security. Be sure to purchase shipping labels and tags, so you can print your own address labels. Our envelopes are available in several sizes, from standard letter envelopes to larger metal clasp envelopes. We also have durable, easy to assemble moving boxes that can be used for a multitude of storage uses.

Stay Organized with File Folders, Binders & Storage Products

Shop Costco for filing, binders & storage products to keep you organized. We carry expanding file folders, end and tab top folders in varying colors, and hanging files for filing cabinets. You’ll also find helpful organizational items like d-ring binders, sheet protectors, and desk accessories, as well as sturdy storage boxes and bins that help protect paperwork and reduce clutter around the office.

Stock Up on Essential Break Room & Janitorial Supplies

Having the right break room & janitorial supplies is essential to maintaining a healthy work environment. That’s why Costco carries commercial cleaning supplies like dishwashing liquid, foam soap refills for hand washing stations, and compressed air for cleaning electronics. We have anti-fatigue floor mats, commercial trash cans, and trash bags in sizes that range from 7-gallon to 60-gallon. Every office and home needs plenty of paper products, which is why we offer bulk paper towels and bulk toilet paper & facial tissue and at affordable prices. You’ll find bath tissue in standard rolls and commercial jumbo rolls, and 2-ply facial tissue that’s soft and absorbent.

Costco has all the breakroom serving suppliesyou need to create a welcoming atmosphere in your employee break room or reception area. We offer sturdy utensils, as well as plates, bowls, and cups that can accommodate both hot and cold foods and beverages. Choose from insulating foam or environmentally-friendly compostable materials. Best of all, our break room supplies are available in bulk quantities, so you won’t have to worry about continuously ordering new supplies.