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December 1, 2022

Dear Supplier:

Our goal at Costco continues to be providing quality products to our members at a great value. As our supply chain has evolved, we require changes to our previous packaging guidelines.

Effective immediately, Costco requires standard handling graphics (pictograms) be printed in the upper left corner on all four sides of large item packaging. The provided pictograms and specifications are available for download below.

Large items fulfilled by our distribution facilities are required to withstand multiple mechanical touches (receiving, storing, picking, transfer, final mile delivery), at maximum clamp pressures of 2,500 psi, and stacking up to 25 feet for up to one year without compromising the integrity of the packaging. Large items are defined as: 150 pounds or greater; or combined dimensions (length and girth) of 165 inches or greater; or 108 inches or greater in length; or the items have been approved by Costco to move through the big and bulky delivery network.


  • are used as individual images to illustrate safe handling, stacking, and storage practices
  • can be used in combination to convey a range of different instructions or limitations
  • can have a significant impact on how well packaging performs within our supply chain and delivery network
  • The provided pictogram list is not exhaustive and suppliers may find specific graphics or additional placement are required for different applications. Your Costco Buyer must review and approve all packaging prior to printing. Questions regarding this letter may be directed to

    Please join us in supporting Costco’s objectives to drive down costs and bring greater value to our members, including final mile home delivery. We appreciate your participation and support.

    Yoon Kim
    Senior Vice President, Non Foods

    Geoff Shavey
    Senior Vice President, Non Foods