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Overhead Storage

Your garage is your family’s catchall for yard, sports, and holiday items. From bikes to Christmas lights, old skateboards to photo boxes, you might be looking at it all, thinking, “No wonder we can’t get the car in here!” But all that clutter isn’t just an eyesore — it’s a safety hazard. If you can’t move through your garage without tripping, you’re in danger of hurting yourself or someone else.

Get all that clutter up and out of the way by shopping Costco’s wide selection of overhead storage options. With overhead storage, you’ll be able to maximize your garage space and put those rarely-used items away for safekeeping. Even bikes, golf clubs, and strollers will have their own place on multiple steel hooks. These overhead storage racks are safe and easy to install, too. That means you’ll be able to get items out of the way quick and feel good knowing they’re secure.

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